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To add a new account to Microsoft Outlook 6

If at any time you don't have the information necessary to complete a step, contact your system administrator or SupraNet for help.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook Express.

  2. Select the Tools menu and click on "Accounts..." Click on the "Mail" tab. You should see a dialog box similar to the following. Click the "Add >" button, and select "Mail..." from the menu.

    Oe step2.png

  3. Type your name in the "Display name:" field, and click "Next >" to continue.

    Oe step3.png

  4. Enter your email address in the appropriate field and click "Next >."

    Oe step4.png

  5. In the next window, enter your mail server name in both fields. This will usually be in the format ie., or Once you have entered this information, click "Next >."

    Oe step5.png

  6. Now enter the username and password supplied to you by your network administrator or SupraNet in the appropriate fields. Make sure "Remember password" is checked if you don't want to enter your password every time you check your mail. Click "Next >."

    Oe step6.png

  7. The next window will confirm the changes you have made. Click "Finish." This will bring you back to the "Internet Accounts" window.

    Oe step7.png

  8. If you will be using your SupraNet mail account from outside of our network, ie. on a portable computer, at home, or if SupraNet does not provide your Internet service, you will need to make the rest of the changes below. If you're not sure, you can make the changes. Your mail will work inside or outside of our network with these settings.

  9. Click on the account you just created, and click the "Properties" button.

    Oe step9.png

  10. This will bring you to the Properties window for your new mail account. Click on the "Servers" tab, and check the box next to "My server requires authentication."

    Oe step10.png

  11. Now click the "Advanced" tab. In the "Outgoing mail (SMTP):" field, enter 587. Click "OK." This will return you to the Internet Accounts window. Click the "Close" button to finish.

    Oe step11.png

  12. To test your settings, click the "Send/Recv" button. If all went well, you'll have a welcome message from one of our techs confirming that your new account has been created.

That's it! If you have any questions, or the configuration didn't go quite as planned, contact your network administrator or SupraNet for help.